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About Us

Our Key Values

#1 Transparency

Transparency is by far the most important way that we create a valuable client experience.  We tell you what you are getting, what it will cost and how long it will take.  We aim for zero surprises…and our success rate is about 99.9%.

#2 Providing an excellent client experience

Aside form giving you the best product, how we get there is meaningful.  We pay attention to details that affect your space.  Noise, messiness, traffic obstructions and poor communications are all things we have time for, right?  If your answer is absolutely not, we are on the same page.

#3 Building the highest quality structures in our field

Each and every detail matters.  Your vision + High quality materials + Expert craftsmanship = us meeting this goal.

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Our Reputation

We base most of our business on referrals and word of mouth, making our clients an integral part of everything we do.  We are not only building quality outdoor spaces, but lasting relationships within the community.  When it comes to top-tier outdoor projects, our Harborview team will go above and beyond to construct a space that you will be proud to show off.

How We Build

We believe that the process of building better waterfront communities should be surprise-free and serve all involved.  Being on-time and within budget are key factors in our process.  We know the materials and equipment it takes to deliver quality, safety and durability.  Our building standards are high because we believe that our clients and communities deserve nothing less.