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Alternative Materials

While we always use materials treated to endure the harsh saltwater environment, some clients elect to use alternative materials to achieve added benefit.  Benefits include increased durability against scratches from furniture and pets, safer nonslip surfaces, and increased protection against UV light, saltwater and natural disasters.

ThruFlow Grated Decking

ThruFlow allows water to splash up through this specially designed material during a storm surge to reduce resistance and prevent damage to the structure.  Grated decking is also slip resistance.  Highly recommended to increase strength and durability for docks in open water / hurricane prone areas.

Ipe (aka Brazilian Walnut)

Some of the toughest wood in the world, ipe far outlasts others with its superior durability.  Ipe’s gorgeous rich tone gives it a striking appearance, for those who wish to stand out.


Lightweight yet dense and resistant, teak is a unique and beautiful alternative.  Another great way to stand out.

Composite Decking (Trex, WearDeck etc.)

Choose from a wide array of color options.  Composites require minimal maintenance and offer heat resistance and slip resistance.  Recommended as a great minimal maintenance option.

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